Welcome to the Point of Care Diagnostics Idea Lab!  We aim to foster an interdisciplinary community that is passionate about inventing novel solutions to the challenges of remote diagnostics.  We understand this innovation must come from a concerted effort across fields, and our members represent a wide spectrum from engineering, biology, chemistry, public health, medicine, and public policy.  We provide a forum for members to share their ideas and technologies with the group, and to learn more about the state of the art in the field from our world-class guest speakers.  On this site you’ll find member profiles, recorded lectures, and a calendar of upcoming events.  We look forward to having you on our team! To this end, we are proud to announce a seminar series starting this September, where we will bring in experts in the field of point-of-care diagnostics from all over the country to bring their knowledge and experience to our campus, where we can foster greater discussion of point-of-care diagnostics and global health. We really hope you can you can join us for the lively discussion and free food/drink! For instructions on how to join our mailing list, please visit our membership page. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter where we will continue to keep you updated on our events.

 Updated 2013-10-07